Philadelphia raised artist with a current concentration on mixed media. My style comes from a combination of a “going green/up-cycling” initiative as well as an innovative version of pop art. It’s an inspired take on pieces from Andy Warhol, Piet Mondrian, and Roy Lichtenstein to name a few.  I’ve been using candy wrappers with this new body of work because there is a surprising array of color. Combined with the texture and the branding of the wrapper it creates a dimensional piece of “pop” art (pun intended). Also, it is a good way to recycle something that would normally be considered trash into something better. This technique has illustrated how one can transform trash to treasure with creative application. I would potentially like to “clean up” urban areas, using litter to construct city murals accessing the style used in my latest work. Such an endeavor would be best actualized as a community produced project with the help of schools, out reach programs and other nonprofit organizations so that future generations begin to reconstruct the way artists look at mediums.

10 thoughts on “About/Mission

  1. Hey Sean, this might be strange but I was going through my handwriting samples (i have a million of them!) and i came across yours. You wrote it at Moore’s open studio night. You wrote in print instead of cursive which means its really hard to analyze it. If you want to have an analysis on it you can write one up and scan (or take a picture) of it and send it to my e-mail. By the way i love your banana series! Mixed media is my favorite. Hope that nanny job is going well 😀

    • Hey I almost forgot I even wrote something that night to be “analyzed” but as soon as I get a chance I would love to send you something…what exactly can you tell a person by their handwriting anyway?? Thanks for the banana love! I appreciate it and you’ll be seeing a lot of them alllll over the city this summer so get ready.

  2. Hi Sean- is any of your “99 Bananas” art series for sale? I LOVE it and am looking for unique decor for my basement remodel. Thanks!

    • I could’ve sworn I responded to this just about when I got it, regardless I’m sorry. Yes they are all for sale or if you would prefer something custom, I do that as well. Thanks for your interest.

  3. Hey Sean, truly fabulous work….it makes me want a tootsie pop!!! Audrey Hepburn is one of my favorite actresses, your portrait of her is beautiful!! I am crazy about those bananas too!!! So many exquisite pieces a of art, well done!!

  4. Hey Sean,

    Long lost friend from Raw. Just ran across your pieces from Facebook – they are absolutely STUNNING. Really – WOW. I am sooooo happy to see you’re doing so well.

    So I am interested in purchasing! There’s so many pieces I love, but specifically Jimmy, National Geographic, and possibly custom. Contact me!

    Jesse (aka general lee)

    • Hey Jesse! No need to specify…my memory’s not THAT bad…thank you for your comments though! National Geo is one of my faves but I can do/redo anyting you want…(no asian humor involved, just a misspelling)

  5. Hey Sean, It’s Barlow. Can you do a moe. piece for me. That would be great! Also how are you and how have you been? Hit me back and let me know what and how much. Would like to purchase some art work made by you. Send me an email @barlowcj@icloud.com.

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