“R.O.Y.G.B.?.V Mustache Series”

“I Got 99 Bananas and My B*tch Got One”

This started originally as a “1 and done”  Halloween gift for my girlfriend and after making the first, I knew I couldn’t leave it alone.  So with Jay-Z’s “99 Problems” in my head and Andy Warhol’s factory style work, as well as his iconic banana, I decided to make 98 more.  Hope you enjoy them.

Penn State Commissioned Banana

Commissioned Banana


2 thoughts on “Bananas

  1. Sean–
    I heard your story on NPR.
    Love your imaginative art!
    I am interested in your
    “Merica” tryptic, Taste the Rainbow
    And What? In your banana series.
    Looking forward to hearing from you.

    • Hey Ron, thanks for reaching out! Sorry it seemed like such a pain to try to get me. My email is and that’s the easiest way to get me. It also just so happens that the ones you’re interested in, I still have so that’s perfect! Email me whenever you see this and we’ll talk that way. Thanks again, hope to hear back soon!

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